Monday, August 25, 2008

I tried to post some photos to Facebook, but the URL got redirected to Syria Telecom's welcome page which is inviting me to read news items about baby pandas. So I'll try and post photos here instead.

I have already learned many useful things in Syria, such as:

* Saudi women tourists have to eat very slowly in public. They to lift up a little flap in their hijabs and carefully spoon the food into their mouths. This must be very good for the digestion.

* To sexually harass a man in arabic in a belittling way (saved up for when I return to Paris and visit the 18th arrondissement): one would say "ya allahu"

I will be dedicating a future post to what I have learned about Saudi internet dating.


At 10:41 pm, Anonymous Naseer said...

Ya allahu? Really?

Being arabic and all - I can translate that to "ye gads..." At most an expression for frustration.

Now, it might have some deeper meaning. I left "arabia" when I was 8. Might very well be some sexual innuendo somewhere that I am oblivious to.


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