Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In a few hours from now I'll be leaving Paris to embark upon a pilgrimage to Damascus.

I have said previously that I would go on a pilgrimage to Damascus, and it was no mere slip of the pen. Well it's not only a pilgrimage, it's a holiday too for I have the extreme good fortune of being taken on a road trip by a friend.

A note to Western imperialists: please refrain from invading Syria while I am there. I would not like to have to take up arms against you during my stay.

Our roadtrip through the Syrian desert will probably look a bit like this:

I have my straw boater at the ready to brave the rays of the desert sand, for in Syria one can pretty much wear what one likes without being hassled, apparently...

For example (click to zoom):

This was drawn by a Syrian blogger who goes by the moniker of "Puppeteer". Her site appears to be offline (does anyone know where it went?)

...unlike countries like Saudi Arabia and France, for instance where they make annoying laws about how one is allowed to dress.


At 8:44 am, Anonymous Conor said...

It's hardly fair to compare France's and Saudi Arabia's clothing laws. Saudi Arabian women are forced to dress a certain way, labeling them as inferior. French muslim women have their equality restored when they attend public schools by not wearing religious clothing. It has been made law to override the demands of a male dominated religion, and rightly so in my opinion. Forcing women to wear a headscarf (or raising them in such a way as to make them want to wear it) is just as bad as forcing Jews to wear a star.

Forcing women to not wear a scarf is just as noble as forcing people not to wear a swastika.

Anyway, have a nice time in Syria. I shall arrange via my contacts here for Australia not to invade while you're there.

At 1:16 am, Blogger Ben.H said...

You forgot Turkey, which also has laws forbidding the hijab in state buildings. Have a great time in Syria! It should be pretty awesome. F keeps raving about her visit to Oman and wants to see more of the Middle East.

At 6:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and western women are so liberated... to be ogled at, objectified and develop eating disorders. That's equality worth enforcing.


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