Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm suffering slightly from Pony writer's block. How many ways can a ten year old girl save the planet with the aid of her stylishly-accessorised and well-groomed pony?

And what's worse, I have recently discovered another one of those problems rather unique to people who work freelance: being too drunk to work. One often hears of the challenges of the freelance life, such as separating work from leisure time, and having to do one's own taxes etc., but there is a veritable silence on the issue of being too drunk to work.

I mean, I came home this evening a bit early from dinner, because I had planned to continue with my Actual Work (as opposing to blagging away on this blog). But in fact, after contributing to the consumption of at least four bottles of Beaujolais (at one of those Parisian bistros where after 11pm the waiting staff start dancing with the clientele in the tiny spaces between tables) I find myself at home (well actually, I should rather say on the floor in my friend Xavier's room, because I've no place else to sleep these days) barely able to write a convincingly professional work email.

So I'm going to sleep now, in the hope that I will be far more sensible about things tomorrow.


At 1:22 pm, Blogger Mariella said...

You never consumed those bottles all by yourself?!

At 2:22 pm, Blogger The Rantolotl said...

Grappa. You need grappa.


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