Saturday, September 27, 2008

This time it is I who seek counsel.

My forward slash key, otherwise known as my question mark key, is busted. The 'P' key is also threatening to pack it in.

This is added to the fact that I've been running in VGA mode for the last few months (yes I know, oh the horror!). It's because my motherboard's graphics chip is fried. That's also why I have vertical lines running down my screen. And the aspect ratio is wrong, making people look fat. (Yes, that includes you, if I've had your image on my screen at any time over the last few months.)

You may ask how I have managed to put up with all this for so long, and do Actual Work on this machine all the while. (See, I even had to rephrase that sentence in order to avoid having to use a question mark.) Well readers, that's a fucking good question.

I have, of course, my little Eee PC that I bought for traveling and working light in South-East Asia. But while it has it's decided benefits (its size and weight, the "wow" factor when I whip it out of my handbag in front of awe-struck companions) the mini keyboard isn't so great for long working stints. Also, the left side of the space bar has stopped working (already!). And it's kind of slower than I'm used to, even after all the optimising I've done to the system.

One might argue that I need a new computer. A proper one, that I can spend 8 hours a day doing work on. But that's easier said than done, given that I'm going to cheapest darkest Asia on Monday to live like an impoverished monk(ey) to save money. So if I were to buy a new machine it would a) use up money that I was tryng to save and b) no doubt be stolen by a wiley street urchin or trampled by a jungle elephant.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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