Friday, September 05, 2008

Today I feel like this Turkish Pony, pictured above.

Because I am in Istanbul. Being in Istanbul, I went to T-box (it's Turkish) and purchased tardis-like accessories with Asus Eee sized pockets:

And looked at clothes that imply nasty things about one's mother:

Oh yes, and there are some Byzantine churches and Ottoman palaces and things like that here too. We went to see a Harem today and it was very nice, if insufficiently sordid.

My travelling companion has taken to running off with the attractive hotel bar manager of late, which is fine by me because I have had bits and pieces of Actual Work to do. Actual Work has also prevented me from posting the stories I promised about Saudi internet dating and Syrian game development. Expect them over the next few days (though I am not sure exactly where I will be living next week because I am slightly homeless).


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