Friday, October 17, 2008

I am in Laos, where everyone wants a piece of me.

The main street of Luang Prabang.

This afternoon I took a tuk-tuk to a waterfall, and it cost me 40,000 kip. Everyone else in the tuk-tuk had paid 30,000.


I walked up a track alongside the waterfall. A girl nearby started screaming and hopping around on one foot and declared loudly to her boyfriend that she was being attacked by leeches. I rushed to assist and then found that I had several leeches of my own, stuck to my feet, all wanting a piece of me.


I got away from the leech-infested track and fast as I could and then decided to cool off with a swim in the waterfall stream. I felt something on my legs and feet. When I got out of the water I looked down and realised that flesh-eating fish had wanted a piece of me. They had made a meal of some skin on my feet.


I left the waterfall and walked to the park entrance to look for a meal of my own amongst the food stalls. I sat down on a rock by the side of the road with a couple of steamed buns. Two puppies and a rooster came up to me and crowded around. They wanted a piece of me and my steamed buns (since when did chickens eat steamed buns!).


Then I got back to my solitary little room and I was relieved to get back to my computer and my work. Here is the view from my room:


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