Monday, November 03, 2008

Everything in Vietnam is flooded, drenched, damp, or at least smelling of mildew*. It's disgusting. It's like growing up in New Zealand all over again. 

We finally escaped Hanoi last night for Hue, a small city in the middle of Vietnam. Hue is Vietnam's imperial city; it is where the emperor used to live. We were feeling a bit miserable (for various reasons, including computer issues, and sharing a train compartment with a man who snored all night, but I suppose compared to the problems of the ordinary citizens of Hanoi right now we are very lucky) so we decided to splash out tonight, as it were, and buy ourselves an imperial banquet at a poncy restaurant.

The venue was well posh. My travelling companion phoned in a reservation ahead of time, and when we arrived we found they'd printed her name on a card for our table:

Then the first course came out (there were seven) and it was in the shape of a peacock. (I actually misunderstood the menu and thought that we were going to be served an actual peacock so in fact I was slightly disappointed.)

There was even live music.

Then the refined ambience was somewhat shattered when a large wet rat made a dash for it across the floor of the restaurant. I think he or she was seeking shelter from the rain outside.

It was at that point that my travelling companion expressed her desire to head back to sunny Thailand with the smallest possible delay.

* Anyone who wishes to accuse me of excessive whinging and reckless exageration (or who thinks my comparison with NZ was a little harsh) should cast their eyes over this article. 18 people died in the floods in Hanoi while we there.


At 4:53 am, Anonymous Conor said...

Please say hi to Mr Andy from me!

At 12:56 am, Blogger The Rantolotl said...

Are you heading back to Thailand? If so, I may have a shopping item for you... I quite desperately require one of those cdombo bbq/hotpot cookers - korean bbq style plate on top, deep channels around the side for soup. I can't bloody well find them here...

If you come across one in your travels, can you let me know? Obviously I'll throw lots of money at you for postage and purchase.


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