Tuesday, December 02, 2008

An enterprisng crab did this.

This dog is obviously german, sent out by his master to reserve the best spot.

The view from my primitive "office".

So there are some photos.
And here's what I have to say about game sequels:
I often get my hands on a sequel to a beloved game thinking "I have mastered the core mechanic of game X. I'm in the mood for curling up with a warm X-like experience - something familiar, something I don't have to strain my brain over because I know and understand the paradigm that is X." So I buy X.2, start playing, and what do you know - I'm stuck in the first level. I try that first level for an hour or so, wondering what the hell has turned me from an X master into a developmentally disabled X n00b.
Notable examples that come to mind are Knights of the Old Republic 2 (stuck in the tutorial!) Thief 3 (hammered by the AI in the first level!) and a few days ago Lost in Blue 2 (my characters starve to death on the first day because I can't work out where the stove is!). Like I said, in previous incarnations of these franchises it was fairly smooth sailing - right from the beginning.
I assume this is because sequels are frequently outsourced to another team or rushed out quickly to cash in on the popularity of the first game(s). Less time was spent polishing the difficulty curve. 
Alternatively, I'm just disastrously worse at everything. 

Speaking of getting disastrously worse: the Australian dollar. Its continuing fall in value means that unless I earn bucketloads of money while I'm back in Australia my ability to convince the French embassy to give me a long stay visa is fatally diminished. So how am I to earn bucketloads of money? Ideas are most welcome.


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