Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Thai government has been dissolved.  That's a good thing for me personally because it means that things have calmed down to the extent that the airports here are operational again, and I'll be able to leave Thailand before Christmas.

So on that positive note I thought I'd post a few photos I've taken recently that feature unfortunate signage.

First up, here is the charity box I encountered at Hanoi airport. It was soliciting money to help pay for the care of "especially difficult children", and I had to wonder what they'd spend my money on. I'm guessing things like handcuffs, Ritalin and flogging posts.

In Hoi An I was encouraged to spend my hard-earned on a hat that identified me as a tourist. 

In restaurants in the south of Thailand customers often pay according to the size or weight of the fish they choose. At Bernie's, however, it's the customers that get sized up:


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